Ep. 29 Laura Green Is A Mom

Soooooo, I had a baby. A real life human. His name is Jack and he's the man. While having a newborn at home is incredible, joyous, and amazing, the labor and delivery was something completely different. On this episode of Wisconsin Notes, Brogan Graham hosts and we get real. Very real. I hope you enjoy the banter, ridiculous conversation, and learn a thing or two about the terrors of childbirth!

Ep. 28 George Woodward

George Woodward is a father, husband, marathoner, and a vital part of the November Project Boston tribe. This self-proclaimed cranky, old man embodies so much of the Boston road running scene with the perfect balance of a welcoming nature mixed with wit and sarcasm. Today we hear George's story with my co-host, Emily Saul.

Ep. 27 Kissed By Lightning

We love to say, "You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning." Well here are two men who have been struck (or kissed) by lightning and lived to tell the tale. Maybe this phenomenon is more likely than people claim? Or maybe we just have to stop hanging out by large bodies of water during storms. Either way, enjoy today's short story episode of WI Notes!

Ep. 26 Emily Saul

Emily Saul is the booming voice you hear on the steps of Harvard Stadium every Wednesday morning. She's strong, intimidating, and powerful. Now strip her of November Project, put her in front of a mic, and where does the conversation lead? Today's episode is a raw look inside where she came from, how she became the woman she is today, and what is next. From family to American Gladiator, nothing is off limits.

Ep. 25 Mary Arnold- Ultraqueen

Today we have one of my favorite people to catch up with, Mary Arnold, with us, who is always so hard to pin down because she’s never not on the move. Mary is an ultra runner out of Harlem, NY who has completed 75 races of marathon distance or longer. She is also a fixture in the NYC running scene, with her curly red hair and fiery cheering voice, she’s easy to spot and so approachable at any NY running event around the city. After working for a national running chain for 14 years she recently broke off to start her own company called Active Brand Consulting, which has led her around the globe and open to new opportunities such as joining the efforts of Run 4 All Women. From trail racing to voter registration, we cover it all and hope you enjoy this talk with our badass friend, Mary. 

Ep. 24 Erin Briskie- Amazon Purchase Warrior

We all have a history; an Amazon shopping history, to be precise. The things we search for (and often buy) on the internet paints a picture of who we are, what our hobbies are, and how we choose to spend our hard earned money. If someone were to look at your purchase history what would they learn about you? Well, Erin Briskie is with me today to tell us a little more about who she is based solely on what she has bought on Amazon this past year.  Trust me, these are not your normal purchases. Get ready to laugh. 

Ep. 23 Yoga Love- Steve Procknal

Back for a second (and much more in depth) round is our friend Steve Procknal. Steve has been a Baptiste Certified yoga instructor for over 5 years, is an avid community leader via yoga instruction in the countless arenas, and is a co-leader of November Project Buffalo. Through personal experiences and world travel, Steve's journey to where he is today is both humbling and inspiring. If you are a dedicated yogi or haven't even touched a mat, you will leave this episode ready to get into the yoga flow. 

Ep. 22 Holistic Nutritionist- Wild and Well

A couple weeks ago I called my sister, a certified holistic nutritionist, with a list of questions I fielded from a collection of runners, weight lifters, and avid Netflix watchers. While the scope of her practice may focus on endurance athletes, the truth is that anyone and everyone could benefit from re-evaluating what they are putting in their bodies. Today is part 1 of what I foresee as a multi-episode series, because even after an hour of talking we barely scratched the surface. Ready to learn a thing or 8? Take a listen!

Ep. 21 Hillary Allen, Professional Trail Runner On A Mission

Hillary Allen is a professional sky runner who tackles some of the steepest trail races around the world. But what makes her even more incredible, is her ability to bring the conversation down to a human level and relate to every person she talks to. Last year, Hillary fell 150 feet from a ridge line while racing in Norway, breaking dozens of bones which required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. This year, she’s back running. This story is both miraculous and inspiring and we are so honored to be able to tell it. 

Ep. 20 Brogan Graham Is A Dad

Brogan Graham is my not-so-silent creative partner on Wisconsin Notes and so it only felt right to start this chunk of episodes off with a catch up on life with a new baby. Personally, I thought this conversation was going to be all jokes, but turns out this guy has turned soft in his fathering age. Check it out on iTunes, stitcher, and soundcloud or click the link below! 

Ep. 19 Back For Round Two

After a short break, we are back for more. More interviews with professional endurance athletes, more short stories, more episodes for us all to shake our heads at or laugh along with. Everyone has a story, people. So email us if you want to tell us yours!

Ep. 18 Weston And The Two Wizards

You're on a 50 mile bike ride and your stomach begins to rumble. With each mile it gets worse, and worse, and worse. Finally, you come across a restroom, but the only stall is in use. And just when it becomes available...you realize you already released it all into your biking spandex. What do you do next? Most likely go home. Well, Weston kept riding and the story just keeps getting more and more entertaining/painful to listen to. A must listen for a hearty laugh and nice little perspective shift for those having a "shitty" day.

Ep. 17 Matt Schaar

So you're 13 years old and your doctor just told you that you have cancer. Well, shit. How does that blow up your world? How do your committed parents take the news? And how do these experiences affect your adult life after you survive? Today on Wisconsin Notes we have Matt Schaar to tell us his story and to answer all my nosey questions.

Ep. 16 Valentine's Day Special Part Two- Andrew And Carly

You know the milk mustache athletes? The ones that are celebrated in Sports Illustrated as “Athletes to watch” and they all end up being either CEO’s of major companies or olympics athletes? Well our guests today, Carly and Andrew, were two of those athletes. The story is short and sweet, but even after 3 and a half years of being together you can hear the endearing corny love in their voices as they recount how they first got together.

Ep. 15 Valentine's Day Special Part 1 - Iain and Katie

"Let's make a pact. If we are still single at the end of the month, we will meet up in the middle of England for a run and brunch." A simple plan turned into an adventurous romance. A weekend away on the first date. Meeting the family on the third date. Moving in together-halfway around the world- after only seeing each other in the flesh a half dozen times. The story of Iain and Katie is both hilarious and inspiring. Part 1 of our love fest podcast starts right now.

Ep. 14 Jason Shaw- Short Story

Today we have a quick story from Jason Shaw, co-leader of November Project Indy. Jason gives us a little background on his childhood, growing up with a birthmark on the right side of his face, and it will hopefully give you a little perspective shift this morning. It's a short one, so enjoy!

Ep. 13 Talking Shit

So we all do it, but most people don’t love talking about it. I guess unless you’re a November Project leader. Today we have 3 short stories about…poop. A few weeks ago there were about 15 leaders from around the globe gathered in a San Francisco home, telling stories and learning more about one another. The poop topic just kept coming up, so we rolled with it. The Wisconsin Notes today are the following: First up is a 4 minute story from Ryan Wooderson, co-leader of November Project Denver, about the first time he told his now wife he loved her. And how his stomach had other plans. After that is a 7 minute story from Paul Leak, former leader of November Project NYC and the biggest running fan boy on the planet, he talks about the time he completely blew out his running shorts in a HS cross country race. And last but not least is a quick 2 minute story from Melissa Garner, Co-leader of November Project Vancouver, who found herself silently plunging a friend’s toilet on her first visit to his home. We all do it, but these people just really enjoy talking about it.

Ep. 12 Jorge Moreno

It’s no secret that there is a lack of diversity in the outdoor world and our guest on Wisconsin Notes today, Jorge Moreno, is on a mission to change that. My conversation with Jorge paints a picture of what growing up in an urban environment with little exposure to the outdoors was like for him and how he stumbled upon a community in San Francisco who forced him out of his comfort zone and into the woods. Now, he’s working with the National Outdoor Leadership School to educate kids from a young age so they don’t have to wait until they adults to learn about the beauty of the wilderness.

Ep. 11 Kelly Roberts

Today on Episode 11 we have Kelly Roberts. Kelly is a body positive activist who jumped on an opportunity 4 years ago and turned it into an international following to inspire women across the globe to start believing in themselves and show the world that strength doesn’t just look one particular way, nor is achieved alone. She has a force of powerful women behind her who have helped her launch her blog and Podcast “Run, Selfie, Repeat” and continue her quest to empower females through her platform “She Can And She Did.”

Ep. 10 Lindsay Bolt

You know those people who light up your day just by saying hello? That's Lindsay Bolt. A UCSF nurse and educator, runner, comedian, and cat enthusiast, today she tells her story about being the younger sister to Becky Bolt, one of November Project SF's most beloved members.